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This article is fucking useless!!!
If you dare losing time reading this shit, go ahead.

Lupa.jpg This article is completely unreadable, or was deliberate, or was written by an Illiterate!
If you cannot read this junk, use a magnifying glass or replace your glasses, you nerd! also try to select the text.
Note: Try to raise the display font or go see the Xuxa's site.

Cquote1.png WHAT? I cannot read this article at all! Cquote2.png
You about this article
Cquote1.png This is an article written in English Language. Cquote2.png
Captain Obvious about this article
Cquote1.png This shouldn't be in Uncyclopedia? Cquote2.png
Anônimo about this article
Cquote1.png GRINGOS ARE RETARDED! Cquote2.png
Someone about this article

Note: A brazilian wrote the above statement.
Someday, an gringo will read this article and then realize that brazilians are funnier than them.

Article written in English is an article that was deliberately written in English since the author knows that you are an idiot that don't know anything about how to read English words. Luckily for you, this is the only article in Desciclopédia that is written in this way. However, there are some articles like this that were wrote in other languages that not even with Google Translate, you will understand its meaning!

Since it's unlikely that you understand this article, it may be hard that you are reading this. But if you are, let's say some things about you and your family. For example, you are a faggot, your mom is a bitch, and your dad is a fucking bum and a wino. With a family like this, you should consider killing yourself.

Let's change the subject of this conversation. You know that this article was written in English. Of course, the author isn't any expert in English. It had to use Google Translate to write some parts. And this article needs to end here, since not even I have a idea to expand this. You are welcome to expand this article, but take care: Do not vandalize, otherwise I will call an Wicked Moderator to send you to the hell.

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